Intersectional Research Summaries on the Gender Action Portal

As part of our intersectionality statement, the GAP team aims to expand the share of GAP’s content that takes an intersectional approach to gender policy and closing gender gaps. The summaries on GAP that take this lens are listed below, with links to individual summaries.

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Gender and Race

An ally you say? Endorsing White women as allies to encourage perceptions of allyship and organizational identity-safety among Black women

Do School Counselors Exhibit Bias in Recommending Students for Advanced Coursework?

Does diversity-valuing behavior result in diminished performance ratings for nonwhite and female leaders?

Ethnic Variation in Gender-STEM Stereotypes and STEM Participation: An Intersectional Approach

Failure is not an option for Black women: Effects of organizational performance on leaders with single versus dual-subordinate identities

Gender, race, and political ambition: how intersectionality and frames influence interest in political office

Going it alone: Competition increases the attractiveness of minority status

How Gender and Race Stereotypes Impact the Advancement of Scholars in STEM: Professors’ Biased Evaluations of Physics and Biology Post-Doctoral Candidates

In Good Company: When Gender Diversity Boosts a Company’s Reputation

Intersectional patterns of prejudice confrontation by White, heterosexual, and cisgender allies

Looking up and looking out: Career mobility effects of demographic similarity among professionals.

Melanin and Curls: Evaluation of Black Women Candidates

More Than Public Service: A Field Experiment on Job Advertisements and Diversity in the Police

One size may not fit all: Exploring how the intersection of race and gender and stigma consciousness predict effective identity-safe cues for Black women

The Impact of Eliminating Affirmative Action on Minority and Female Employment: A Natural Experiment Approach Using State-Level Affirmative Action Laws and EEO-4 Data

The Mixed Effects of Online Diversity Training

The Racialized and Gendered Workplace: Applying an Intersectional Lens to a Field Experiment on Hiring Discrimination in Five European Labor Markets

Were California’s Decarceration efforts smart?

Which Identity Frames Boost Support for and Mobilization in the #BlackLivesMatter Movement? An Experimental Test

Who Can Lean In? The Intersecting Role of Race and Gender in Negotiations