Other Research Translation Projects

Race, Research and Policy Portal

The Harvard Kennedy School's Ash Center for Democratic Governance and Innovation's Institutional Antiracism and Accountability (IARA) Project features the Race, Research and Policy Portal, a research translation database that summarizes articles on diversity, racial equity, and organizational change across sectors.

Nonviolent Action Lab

The Harvard Kennedy School Ash Center's Nonviolent Action Lab compiles research and data on the successes and failures of nonviolent political actions and resistance movements. Their work includes the Nonviolent and Violent Campaigns and Outcomes (NAVCO) Data Project, which is a highly detailed dataset on the characteristics and outcomes of 627 nonviolent actions across the world from 1900-2021, and the Women in Resistance (WiRe) Data Project, led by the Harvard Kennedy School's Erica Chenoweth and Zoe Marks, that examines the extent of women’s participation in the campaigns contained in NAVCO from 1945-2019.

ShariaSource Portal

The Program in Islamic Law at Harvard Law School's SHARIAsource provides accessible context and information about Islamic Law. Topics include family law, constitutional law, criminal law, and Islamic finance. 

Digital Citizenship + Resource Platform

The Berkman Klein Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University's Digital Citizenship + Resource Platform seeks to connect its audience with tools related to the digital life of youth. Topics on the site include artificial intelligence (AI), civic and political engagement, and privacy. 

The Media Manipulation Casebook

The Harvard Kennedy School Shorenstein Center's The Media Manipulation Casebook provides research on mis/disinformation, the media, and democracy. Case studies dive deep into media manipulation events and detail what occurred.

Usable Knowledge

Harvard Graduate School of Education's Usable Knowledge is a research translation project focusing on education research made for an audience of educators, families, and communities. Recent summaries tackle navigating book bans, childhood trauma, and artificial intelligence in the classroom. 

Opportunity Insights

Harvard's Opportunity Insights is a research translation project geared toward local changemakers. This tool translates research and big data on national trends, neighborhoods, education, and racial disparities to address how to improve upward mobility. 

Evidence for Gender and Education Resource 

The Population Council's Evidence for Gender and Education Resource compiles accessible data on gender inequality in education around the world. Their "Evidence to Practice" page provides easy to understand summaries of educational intervention studies that detail which interventions were implemented, when they were implemented, and which countries were included in the studies. 

Evidence Map: Innovations in Foundational Literacy and Numeracy

The PAL Network's Evidence Map provides data on what interventions have been shown to improve literacy and numeracy worldwide.