One Million Users Exploring Gender Action Portal Research

As we approach our 10-year anniversary in April 2024, we are thrilled to announce that GAP hit one million users at the end of 2023. This milestone signifies the impact of GAP’s research translation on practitioners, policymakers, and journalists who we’ve enabled to advance gender equity in their local contexts. Thank you to our GAP community, including technical writers, content editors, and interns, for playing a vital role in ensuring our summaries are accessible, usable, and impactful.  

How has GAP been utilized by our audience? Here are a few examples: GAP was used by media writing about a law passed in India, by a state university human resources department looking to help faculty negotiate, by a national government building a climate action plan, and by those seeking to learn about a new Nobel Prize-winner's research. 

Read more about these examples of GAP’s wide impact below!